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PN Alto Tajo, Guadalajara 24 mayo 2014 (38) In the collective unconscious of the Spaniards, there is a Pepsi TV ad where three conceited mothers daydream about the ambitious professional future they project on their babies. Males who seem to understand the horror that awaits them in the future, begin to scream desperately, fusing that image with a vision of three members of a rock band shouting, which actually ends up to be there professional path. Something which was completely opposite of their mothers’ expectations, but faithful to their personality.

Besides making the most rebellious smile, this ad addresses the subject of the new masculinity. A topic hardly treated by Literature, especially in comparison to the countless amounts of books questioning the change of the traditional image of women since the appearance of the feminist movement.

If “men metro sexuality” happens to be an endless subject of discussion for the Media, the discovery of the “male soul” has been neglected. When looking into the essence of man, beyond its new beauty treatments apparently a must for men is to flirt with women, to reconnect to the mythical image of the forgotten and obscured masculinity of our culture.

It is interesting to observe that people who could incarnate the spirit of the pure masculine and feminine essence have been shrewdly put apart from the first rows of the popular acceptance.Blurred figures of the Jewish Christian culture, like John the Baptist, precursor of Christ, and Mary of Magdalene have been “the Cinderella of the dance” for not wearing the appropriate suit, as a rough prophet and a courtesan, although they both seemed to shine with inner light in the darkness of their secondary roles in history.

Later on, during the industrial development, humankind had evolved, seemingly putting behind the conventional role assigned to men and women as it was no longer valid.

To bring up awareness of the most authentic essence of the masculine values, and to develop a new vision of it which could serve as guide and inspiration to men, the author Robert Bly remembers the Grimm brother’s tale “Iron John”. Around this story, they are emerging the projections from a vigorous, protective masculinity besides being sensible and emotionally balanced. According to the writer, “this new vision releases men of the heavy load of a vision of masculinity, predominant culturally, allowing them to recover their more intimate and authentic values”.

However, like it happens to women, men of the XXIst century do not have role models when it comes to finding their new role in society, where women have also changed roles. It is therefore a must that both genders make a real effort to harmonize, so that the masculine and feminine vibrations can strengthen one another instead of eliminating each other in a war of power.

After the industrial revolution, fathers have stopped spending time with their children, teaching them a trade.They spend very little time educating them as they are too busy working to earn a salary, which is becoming harder to make.The modern competitive business life often buries men’s true essence, which their souls yearn for, due to the terror to face endless struggle that demands fighting to be oneself without the guarantee of a happy ending.

If the medieval man knew clearly that his life’s goal was saving his honour, nowadays many men are insensitive to their own suffering to have a comfortable but unfortunate life.There are only few who dare accept the “initiation tests of Life”, facing their own demons and fears to be able to be a rock singer as the main characters of the Pepsi ad previously mentioned.

If men and women only live in them soldiers, or ashamed children, they will only find wounds from their battles” explains the North American writer, Robert Bly. “A boy will not become an adult until he breaks from the addiction of harmony and participates with joy of the tensions of the world”. Unfortunately, replacing the effective deficiencies of children with an overdoseof gifts does not prepare children to face the world in crisis which awaits them.

Another cause of being “an eternal Peter Pan” is represented in 60 year old boys who never grew up. Their roles are replaced as a son to that of a husband, lover or spiritual partner to their mother, who because of being a widow or lonely does not allow their son to cut off the umbilical cord and live their own life.Other mothers however, are great masters of the inner growing process of their children.

However, when men face themselves and listen to their own hearts they can choose to find the dark and pure parts of their souls, recovering them, guided by “the new Adam”, Mythical God of the Depth, the wounds that inner growth requires and the sacrifice for being oneself, and perhaps together they can form a rock band too!

María Cicuéndez

Author: María Cicuéndez Luna

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