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Therapists are life facilitators and should never be idolized

Practicing meditation, reiki, chi kung, yoga, christaltherapy, sound and voice techniques and taking flower remedies, among a long list of therapies which pretend to activate our energy flow, are great opportunities for personal growth through self awareness.

There are options to really look inside to heal those issues in our lives that make us unhappy in order to reach inner self balance.

Nevertheless, there’re only a few practitioners of these disciplines who really understand the meaning of being honest with oneself in order to face whatever needs to be changed in their lives from a humble and determined perspective.

Due to ignorance or lack of role models to follow as examples of people who have gone further in the personal growth path, something that Native Americans call “vision quest”, many people get scared to death when realizing some unknowing aspects of their personality that they don’t happen to accept, instead of reaching the expected Nirvana when attending a New Age course. What about the promises of the Age of Aquarius? How does this come to terms with the daily exercise of facing life hardships? How can we learn to love and accept ourselves just as we are?

The book “The knight of the rusty armour” by Robert Fisher mentions that “When pupils are ready masters pop up” but who is this Master? Who is the qualified Guru that decides whether something is good or bad for us?

According to Buddhism, the Inner Being inside each creature calls everyone several times during life to achieve whatever lessons the soul decided to learn as a specific human being. Buddhist and Hindu agree that the soul has endless faces one for each life that the soul decided to have in order to learn about life. The kind side of Karma would be that each life would be a new chance to start learning from zero in stead of having to pay for other’s lives mistakes.

Life is generous! Is there any loving mother that wouldn’t forgive their children? Our own soul is Mother. It is called Shakti Kundalini in India. A Divine Energy which provides life. She is the real mother that lives in our hearts and shows us the truth about our identity. She is a compass to take a look when doubting. It is an instinctive voice, the wildest and most natural energy flow within our body from birth. It is that sixth sense that lives inside our heart as the real spiritual master to follow all the way!

On the other hand, there are people who have gone further in their personal growth through self awareness and life experience, which allow them to guide others in their “vision quest”. These therapists are wonderful and necessary. However, they should never be considered as “gods on earth” since they are as human as everyone and should be even more humble and understanding because of their decision to guide people in their personal inner search. However, some of these facilitators have a tendency to believe superior than their students. Christ recommended “Not to judge not to be judged”. It is therefore a must not to fall into the trap of EGO during our “Vision Quest” using spirituality as a tool to raise our hurt self-esteem pretending to feel superior to others.

Real spiritual guides are very humble and do not need to show off their virtues to make people compliment them. They feel connected to life and they know that is their biggest treasure. They are Light Channels and they feel thankful for that reason. Metaphorically, they are like mobile charger that connects others to electricity, but only God, the Universe, the Father, the Mother (whatever name everyone chooses to call the divine manifestation) can give real light and reconnect us to our real essence.

The book “Siddhartha” by Hermann Hesse shows all the steps that Buddha followed until reaching enlightenment Who wanted to be the first had to start being the last one”. leaving everything to reach everything. On the other hand, Christ gave a humility lesson kneeling down and washing the feet of his disciples claiming that “

From here, I encourage people who sincerely want to listen to their soul to find within their hearts their true master and the strength to accept the healing crisis that will come up as the consequence of doing a real “vision quest”. A fake and “light” spirituality does not convince anyone serious. Quick and easy wisdom cannot be bought at a department store. The Path towards Oneself may seem full of stones but there are also flowers in the way. Let’s get closer to smell their fragrance both freely and in our own way but always remain aware!

María Cicuéndez

Author: María Cicuéndez Luna

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