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Its many applications make laser surgery and telecommunications possible

Quartz crystals contribute to human well-being. Most people are unaware of its application to microscopic laser surgery, electronics, optics, construction, watches and computer technology, as well as other uses, according to Liz Simpson, author of  the book “Crystal Healing”.

Smart cards contain a small silicon chip, slightly thicker that a sheet of paper, which can store any information about the cardholder, from credit limits and financial transactions to health data” says journalist Liz Simpson. “Silicon chips are used to receive, store, amplify and transmit information to computers, credit cards and household appliance programs”.

Therefore, insulating and conductive properties of the crystals favour its application to technological progress. In the 40’s, research scientists discovered that when atoms of other substances were added to a quartz crystal, it created a transmission apparatus  capable of amplifying radio signals, which, when received by a piezoelectric crystal, generated sound. The transmitter opened the door to modern telecommunications by eliminating the need for radio tubes.

In “The Crystal Trilogy”, by the renowned American therapist, Katrina Raphaell, she leads us through the wonderful world of quartz, a journey where she shares her personal experiences with readers regarding the discovery, understanding and assimilation of the many benefits of these gifts of nature. Readers of this wonderful masterpiece on crystal healing become aware of the influence of crystals on the author, Katrina Raphaell, who admitted to have become wiser through the process of writing the three books. Her experience with crystals after writing the books revealed to her their inner wisdom as a gift for having transmitted their wise messages.

The most important ancient cultures in the history of mankind such as the Egyptian, as well as lost civilizations like Mu, Lemuria and Atlantis, practiced crystal healing in their medical traditions, as it is explained in all the literature related to crystals. As a matter of fact, because of its precision, obsidian scalpels, used in ancient Egypt, are still used today with great success in surgery, primarily cardiac.

Oriental civilisations were also familiar with the mystical and spiritual properties of these
stones, particularly those of China and Tibet, where they were used as amulets or healing agents as well as to aid in spiritual development. Ancient China produced exquisite jade and emerald sculptures. Red stones, like ruby and garnet, were used to cure diseases and to protect against fire and bad weather. Blue and purple stones, like turquoise and amethyst, were associated with faith and virtue. Yellow stones, like topaz, were used to bring happiness and prosperity. And green stones, such as jade and emerald, were used for fertility and strength. In the Middle Ages, alchemists demonstrated the hardness of diamonds, their research becoming the basis of modern chemistry and its application to healing. We cannot talk about quartz without remembering the Mayan, Incan and Native American shamans who diagnosed and treated disease with quartz.

Therapists today have benefited from the wisdom of their oral tradition. Nowadays, crystal therapy practitioners use quartz crystals to heal the body by aligning the appropriate crystal on the body, corresponding with each energy center or “chakra”, following the Hindu tradition of the Vedas. Crystals can also be used to purposes. This technique could be achieved by meditating on a 10cm transparent crystal, or by using a Reiki mandala, an exercise taught to students at level three out of the four levels of the Usui Reiki Technique. According to this traditional Japanese relaxation practice, eight clear quartz crystals are used and put in a specific arrangement to transmit energy to people. It is like praying for the best for their lives by
transmitting crystal energy to them.

The earth is mother, and as such, fragments itself in quartz crystals to give each of her children whatever is most needed for physical and mental healing. Quartz crystals are gifts nurtured in her womb for centuries before being born. Its DNA carries the ancient wisdom from the beginning of time. They only need respect, care, cleansing with sea salt or a neutral pH soap and dried in the sun or under the full moon, among other cleansing techniques, since they get charged with the energy remaining in us and give us their purity. Some books on gem therapy emphasize some very uncommon crystals as the most powerful, however, not necessarily the rarest, and are more special than those more commonly encountered.

All quartz crystals deserve our recognition regardless of their colour, texture or origin. In search of “exotic ones” we often lose the simple beauty of what is within our reach…

María Cicuéndez


Author: María Cicuéndez Luna

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